What we do

We create landscapes that bring life to your yard.

Our Florida native landscape designs focus on creating spaces for people to enjoy spending time in their yard. Using native plants brings life back to your and to your neighborhood. We do landscape design, installation and maintenance. See our Consults and Native Landscape Design page.

Inviting birds, butterflies and other pollinators into your yard is a wonderful experience. You will need native shrubs and trees with berries and nesting potential for the birds, nectar plants for the butterflies and pollinators and host plants for the caterpillars of our beautiful Florida butterflies. All of our plants are grown without the use of pesticides so they are safe for the critters. By using native plants adapted to growing in Florida’s many environmental conditions you can have a happier and healthier landscape by choosing the right plants for the right spaces. We also specialize in the development of a no-mow yard so you can toss the pesky lawn mower to the curb, reduce your carbon footprint by using less fossil fuels and bring life into your yard.

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